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Today it has started chirping after listening to me making some noise with utensils. See it here.

Helaro- Movie review

Some movies leave a lasting impression on you. And when they finish you are dumbstruck and don't want it to be over . This Gujarati movie had such effect on the entire hall. People were waiting till last although they knew it wasn't a marvel movie with a post credit scene. A story was told... Continue Reading →

Mindhunters- The verdict

You take my breath away. That is the only thing playing on my mind after I have seen this one.After Chernobyl if I can think of a series that has come close to my top list then it will be Mindhunter. GOT due to its last season fiasco has been left a way long behind... Continue Reading →

The great hack- the verdict

Director:┬áKarim Amer, Jehane Noujaim With: Brittany Kaiser, Alexander Nix, Carole Cadwalladr, Damian Collins, Julian Wheatland, David Carroll. Release Date:┬áJul 24, 2019   Internet is a great thing. It has so many uses and so many bright sides to it. And with the invent of internet we have got so many social media applications. They allow... Continue Reading →

The China Hustle-The Verdict

Director: Jed Rothstein With: Dan David, Matthew Wiechert, Carson Block, James Chanos, Soren Aandahl, Wesley Clark. This movie starts bang on the backdrop of 2008-09 financial crisis. USA was no longer a growth story it once was and people were reeling under a deep financial turmoil. All of a sudden people with money were searching for new... Continue Reading →

Us- The Verdict

I know this movie has been released for a long time now (March 22,2019) and has been in circulation also for some time and many focks must have already watched it but I couldn't help my self as I just loved the symbolism this movie brings with it. If you are looking for a logic... Continue Reading →

Spider man-Far from home- The Verdict

After the enormous scales of Endgame how you get them further up? Or rather start all over?? They have done both in this movie. They have upped the scale and we are into the multiverse. Meet the "Elementals" the biggest threat the earth has seen. They have also gone to the roots by doing a... Continue Reading →

Article 15- The verdict

"Caste system" is nothing but an ancient work division system that was developed to make the work more efficient and easier. It is rather called "Varna Vyavastha- Colour/Class System". Work division is what we identify in modern work culture too. A sales man does selling , while production guy looks after the production of goods... Continue Reading →

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