Visit to Sasan Gir (Sanctuary of Asiatic lions)

We started our visit for Sasan Gir (The only sanctuary for Asiatic lions) at early morning of 5th November,2019,Tuesday. We had already done the booking for Safari visit through Gir Jungle Trail online booking website.

We had two options out of which one was Gir Jungle Trail and Second one was Devaliya Jeep Safari. We were keen only these two options as they only had better chance to encounter a lion and watch them at the closest. I would recommend a Jungle enthusiast to use either of this options only.

Devaliya option has better chance of encountering lions as it is a confined area where and there are more no of lions per square foot. But we didn’t go for it as our mission was accomplished in the first go itself. Also the trip is a short one of 55 minutes and we wanted to spend some more time in the forest air and breathe some fresh air.

And we also went through a lot of reviews and chose the option of early morning 6:00 am trip which would end at 9:00 am. This timing is the one when Lions or Lioness are returning back to their Dens after an entire night of Hunt for a daylong rest.

Once we reached the Sinh Sadan counter and showed our online ticket along with identity proof we were assigned an open roof Jeep and a guide.

We were told not to take any plastic items along and were given 2 sets of water filled Thermoss with Glasses for drinking water during the trip. It all happened in a jiffy and we were shortly sitting in our Jeep at the gate of the Safari waiting for it to Start. And it started sharp at 6:45 am and ours was the first Jeep in.

In forest there are some specific designated routes on which a Jeep Goes and they are clearly marked for a driver to drive on and one can not jump these routes.

The wind was Chilly due to the month of November and we were encountering some Deers and Peacocks here and there for 1st 1:45 hours.



Then all of a sudden we reached a spot where some of the Jeeps were standing and were telling us to stay silent. And then all of if us looked in the direction pointed and understood why. A lioness was sleeping there. The information about her whereabouts were provided to our jeep by the trackers. These trackers are at work day and night in these forests who track the movement of lion and then pass on the information to other trackers to ultimately be given to the drivers and guides in various Jeeps. But even then you can see the lion if the spot provided by trackers is crossing your Jeep’s designated route. Some how lucky was fevering us that day and we spotted her. What happened next can be seen in the videos below.

Lions are highly territorial and they also stay in a family. One lion can have many lionesses and many children and they can all cohabit together in a big joint family. The lioness seen in the above video is pregnant and is calling out to her sister to come close to her. She also leaves a smell trail for her to follow before she starts to walk.

In the entire world there are only two places where you can see lion in his natural surroundings like this. One is Africa and other is Sasan Gir in Gujarat.

Asiatic lions are less depended on their female counterparts as they are more active in hunting. They are a bit less in length and have less dense Mane then their African counterparts which doesn’t completely cover their ears.

This was a great adventure but unfortunately we had to rush to our hotel rooms as I was suffering from fever and Chilly winds had done their work on me which needed me to take some rest.

If any of you out there get a chance to come to Gujarat don’t miss to visit this great place where King of the Jungle roars fearlessly.

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    1. The open jeep in the one given there for Jungle troll. The one with the cage is there for the Devaliya option as there are many lions/ leopards in close circle zone.


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