Helaro- Movie review


Some movies leave a lasting impression on you. And when they finish you are dumbstruck and don’t want it to be over . This Gujarati movie had such effect on the entire hall. People were waiting till last although they knew it wasn’t a marvel movie with a post credit scene. A story was told which had touched their hearts.

Movie is about expression of freedom a human heart longs for. Chains of society can be tight but freedom of expression finds its way out. It can be either in hiding or it can be open in the field.

They say gods couldn’t reach everywhere so he made a mother(mata) . In Gujarati “Mavaldi”. Ambe mata, Bahuchar mata, Bhadrakali mata, Santoshi mata, one will find different names for goddesses in different parts of the country. And they will be revered like anything and people will dance to please her.

But then sometimes we men forget the “mavaldis” among us and allowing them their freedom to express themselves.


We humans are the only species on the planet of earth who can express their feelings. Then why does patriarchy always tries to control these voices and acts?

These are the questions that come across you in this movie and a folklore is told in a way that it stays with you forever. Hangover of its dance, music and drumbeats along with picturesque beauty will stay with you for long after you leave the cinema hall.

Beauty of Kutch ran is captured so marvelously that one forgets the scorching heat that it provides during its long summers.


Choreography and lyrics of songs will leave you humming the songs for long. Story is very simple but still it conveys its messages on caste-ism, patriarchy and superstition that one might be forced to forgo it all. Cinematic content at its best.

But how such a long running tradition can be overturned with just a movie? Movies are actually just mirrors of the society we live in and makes us dream of a reality where everyone is equal and everyone is free to express themselves. But that creates chaos and who wants chaos ? Order / civilization demands sacrifices and discipline.

But who is talking about chaos here? We are just talking about a morsel of freedom so one can feel alive.

Dialogues between women while going to fetch water are deep, meaningful and filled with wisdom.

Truly a must watch for every Gujarati and those who want to understand Gujarati tradition. Mind you, there wouldn’t be a famous folklore if patriarchy didn’t allow some amount of freedom for it to spread based on which this movie is made.

Truly awesome and touching to leave you dumbstruck.

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  1. I enjoyed the trailer. I definitely will remember this when it shows up on one of the billions of movie channels out there. Thanks!


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