Wolverine forgotten ?? How about Kit Harington ?

Game of thrones had taken the world by storm along with The Avengers Endgame. And there is a lot of talk going on about who is the mighty of them all that almost everyone has forgotten one of our favorite heroes till recent times.Wolverine!! Hugh Jackman has hanged his claws for now . But Wolverine... Continue Reading →

Game of thrones S8 E4 Review

So guys and gals what do you think is going to happen now in this series.!!! We are already down to 4 episodes and only two remain to go. Well I am one of the lucky ones out here who hasn't been seeing this show since the beginning and joined after series 5 was already... Continue Reading →

Significance of no 108

Recently I have been coming across one no very frequently.108. What is the significance of it ?? And why do we spot it around us so often. Did some research on it and mentioned below are my findings. It all started when I was reading a famous book , "Connect the dotes".First story was about... Continue Reading →

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