Spider man-Far from home- The Verdict


After the enormous scales of Endgame how you get them further up? Or rather start all over?? They have done both in this movie. They have upped the scale and we are into the multiverse. Meet the “Elementals” the biggest threat the earth has seen.

They have also gone to the roots by doing a bit of character development. But haven’t we seen that for Spider-Man so many times before. But still it won’t leave you bored as this time it has a fresh take.This movies is very much about Spider-Man’s reckoning and how he fills up Tony stark’s giant shoes. Is he up to it ? We see Tony’s shadow hanging overhead of him and on this entire movie constantly and it’s not easy to go around with such a big responsibility lying on your teenage shoulders. He stumbles but is quick to get back on his feet.



You also get a sense that whether Iron Man planned on dying or was he really aware about the eventuality of his affairs ? And we didn’t even realize it that he was so conscious about it during all those movies whenever he mentioned the words “legacy”. He carefully planned for his successor. And that’s what great leaders/father figures are all about. They care without even mentioning it or making you realize!

Danger is lurking in the shadows and quick to catch up on the word go. Talk about the water crisis has caught us up here too!! Cometh the crisis cometh the man. Mysterio(Jake Gyllenhal) makes a hell of an entrance.



Mentoring is something that has been a constant in the marvel universe. And there have been various takes on it. Such as in “Guardian of the Galaxy” with Yondu – Star Lord and The Groot – Rocket. In Thor Odin-Thor and in Iron man between Tony Stark and Howard Stark. And this one is not an exception.


Courtesy – Topmovieclips

But then should we wait and look for the mentors or not?? It’s the bad bad world out there and people are out there to get their benefit out of you. And even superheroes are not spared.

Film subtly explains the reasons for Tony to chose Peter as his successor. They both are scientists and tech savvy enough to take up the mantel of protecting the world from external threats. He knows Peter is not completely ready yet but then once upon a time he also was not ready!! But can’t one use technology both for good and evil ? It all depends upon the choices one makes. And here Tony Stark was sure about his choice.


And how could he not chose him as his successors. Spider-man has been one of the earliest successes Marvel enjoyed.

Tom holland does complete justice to his character. With him Spider-man is not far from home but truly at home. Jack gyllenhall is excellent as Mysterio. He brings the required maturity to his character and shows that he mans business. His encounters with Spider-Man are most riveting and special effects leave you spellbound. One or two of the supporting casts are sometimes pathetic and it feels like they are just acting up.


Twists are great and will get you unnoticed. Photography and direction are just great. Story is catchy and fast paced to keep you hooked up till the last minute.


Situational humor keeps you tingling all over and keep the ride a fun one. And it seems like Marvel has a solid plan for the next phase.

And yeah Don’t miss the end credits or you will really miss him.


Don’t jump in with your head first. Take your time and do your homework.

Don’t trust people quickly they are ultimately just self centered humans.

Things will ultimately go wrong ,trust your instincts they are there for a reason.

Rating – 4* / 5*.

Courtesy – Sony Pictures Entertainment

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