John Wick Chapter 3-Parabellum

Parabellum“If you want peace, prepare for war” . And if you want to age like a fine, wine age like Keanu. The John Wick himself. He is in a fine form. Well one witnesses the work Reeves has put in during his 4 months of Pre-production skills honing Technical training.https___images.saymedia-content.com_.image_MTY0MDgxNTg1NjAyMTc2NzQz_fin04-jw3-banner Forget Bourne or Bond or Taken or Die hard. John wick is here inspiring a new genre. Gun-Fu. Yeah not Kung-fu but Gun-Fu. In this one he doesn’t stop even there.


For all those who miss Daredevil type one-shot action sequences behold John wick. He is Baba yaga- The boogeyman and he is a biggest bad ass. If he can kill so many people just for a f****ng dog and a f****ng car think about what he will do when he is stabbed in the back himself. Well that’s where this movie leaves you at and hell yeah we are asking for more.



Is it the character or is it Keanu that drives us to watch these movies? Actually it is both. He has got his reputation built courtesy “The Matrix” where he was the chosen one and that along with acting skills help him carry this off convincingly every time. If you are a Matrix fan you will get a chance to fill nostalgic as Reeves delivers a familiar dialogue, and subtly we are told that we are just getting started.

The gun chase and gun fights are so realistic or technically right in these movies that even Police trainers swear by it. Did I mention that director of this movie is none other then the stuntmen of The Matrix ?? Yeah the movie where “We knew kung fu”. And with every installment of John Wick that action Genre bar gets raised further . How can it not ?? These movies have inspired Charlize Theron to work with Director David Leitch in “Atomic Blonde”. It has influenced action style of Deadpool 2, Robin Hood (2018) and Highlander remake. Director Chad Stahelski and David Leitch along with screenwriter Derek Kolstad have laid foundation of these movies on Action, Rules, Relations, Fear, Reputation, Legend, awesome background scores, body slams ,Head shots and Keanu Reeves. But lest we forget the main essences. Style, elegance and grace.

Keanu Reeves stars as 'John Wick' in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM.

Background score and the photography are all so very slick and stylish just like the hairstyles , cars and yeah action sequences of Mr.Wick. Sequences look realistic as they are mostly performed by Reeves himself and have been well rehearsed with Camera men in the room making them intuitively understand when to shoot.


The lore and myth of John wick and his assassin world is carried forward by this chapter, ever increasing its reputation farther and further. When we saw the first movie we all thought that this is one movie character. And now here we are at the 3rd chapter. John is running from the assassins guild as he is now ex-communicado. Consequences. He shot a person from the High table on “The continental” ground, a sanctuary for the members of Assassins Guild. Rules are everything here as they separate us from ” The animals “. And breaking one of the most cardinal ones has him running with 14 million bounty on his head and being ex-communicado. Seems like almost everyone in New York is on the payrolls of this mysterious organisation.


Due to a professional courtesy by Winston- The continental’s owner he has just an hour to get to the safety. And this gets the High Table pissed even more. Well they are everywhere, they watch and see everyone and everything. So they try to put their house in order especially by hurting those who helped John wick. Because every breath he takes is an insult to their power.


The Baba Yaga runs and kills whoever comes in his way. We grew up knowing that books are men’s best friend and then Wick ruins it. He kills a really tall man with a book. A f****ng book!!!


He goes on killing. Killing with/on the horse, Killing with knives and killing with ax. And the way he can wield his ax !!


And these perfectly choreographed sequences leave us gasping for more. A length battle with a katana-happy Sushi chef played by Mark Dacascos leaves us mesmerizing. They are made more so by their locations ( glass towers). Lore is cemented further when Dacascos’ ninja minions pay their respects to him while sparing.



And how can we forget the gun trotting Sophia who has something in common with Wick. His love for Dogs. Her addition to this movie along with her highly skilled dogs increase the level of these tactical and fascinating fighting sequences.



We witness an entire universe unfolding in front of us as we get to know more about Wick,his real name, his parentage, the boss of the assassins guild and his whereabouts.

Well I am disappointed that Fishburn and Reeves reunion didn’t live up to its hype. But then again I have been promised more from it !!!


So tighten your sit belts people as we are on a sharp, elegant, gracious and a long bloody ride.

Verdict – 4 / 5 ∗


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